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01 2003

Spring 2003 - First annual Russian-American Innovation Technologies Trade show & Conference comes to Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA - The US-Russia Exchange Center and the Mid-Atlantic - Russia Business Council are pleased to announce the first major, annual Russian-American Innovation Technologies Trade Show and Conference to be held in the United States in Spring 2003 at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Philadelphia. The Trade Show and Conference will begin with an opening reception and keynote addresses presented by United States Congressman Curt Weldon, Co-Chair of the U.S. Congress - Russian Duma Working Group. This event will feature panel discussions, vendor displays, and networking opportunities all designed to bring together entrepreneurs, start-up companies, venture capitalists and established corporations within the technological communities of both the United States and the Russian Federation.

This symposium has received the support of the U.S. and Russian governments, most notably the U.S. Departments of State, Energy and Commerce, the Russian Federation Ministry of Atomic Energy and the Russian Federation Ministry of Trade and Economic Development. Also represented will be state and federal agencies with funds available for technology-related projects. The official Russian delegation participating in this event will be led by the Ministry of Atomic Energy and will present several advanced technologies and detail their potential commercial applications.

Russian scientists and engineers are recognized as among the best in the world. This first-of-its-kind national technological trade show and conference offers new opportunities to assist the American technological industry in developing successful ventures in the Russian technologies market through a blend of panel presentations, informational briefings and opportunities for initiating commercial ventures.

    Trade Show & Conference Sessions will feature:

  • the opportunity to meet with over 100 Russian executives and government officials representing leading high tech companies in the Russian market;
  • panels on new initiatives and "hot topics" in the Russian technological industry with presentations showcasing cutting edge technological projects and opportunities for immediate commercial involvement;
  • exploration of the current business opportunities in specific industry sectors such as: Bio-technology (Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Bio-Agriculture and Materials), Transportation and Aerospace, Information Technology and Communication, Energy and Environment, Material and Composites, Technology Conversion, and Technology Transfer;
  • guidelines for business strategies in Putin's Russia;
  • business development issues for in-country ventures such as how to work with: the Russian legal, accounting and financial systems, transportation and distribution, insurance, and investment guarantees;
  • panel discussions focused exclusively on issues of concern to high technology, for example: licensing, patents, and the HUBS project and its international applications;
  • vendor displays by Russian and American companies.

For more information and event details please contact Val Kogan, MARBC President by email:

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  : 21.11.2002  

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