24 2003

24-26 February 2003 - The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit

The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit Outsourcings Next Wave February 24-26, 2003 Desert Springs Marriott Resort & Spa Palm Desert, California

Produced by Michael F. Corbett & Associates, Ltd. in association with Fortune Custom Projects.

Celebrating its sixth year as the worlds premier executive program on outsourcing.

Gary Wendt, former President, Chairman and CEO of GE Capital Services and Chairman and former CEO of Conseco to keynote The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit. See program for details.

The Outsourcing World Summit is the one event that brings executives, managers and providers together for a once-a-year learning experience examining outsourcings latest developments and future trends. Since 1998 The Outsourcing World Summit Conference Series has been attended by thousands of business and government leaders from around the world. The 2002 Summit drew 569 professionals from 21 countries, the largest attendance in its history.

In todays even more challenging business climate, outsourcing is not just a smart idea, its a business necessity. Its also, according to James Brian Quinn, best-selling author and resident Dartmouth College business visionary, "One of the greatest organizational and industry structure shifts of the century."

Since virtually every executive, in every industry and function, is by now a buyer or supplier of outsourcing services - if not both - attending The Outsourcing World Summit is one of the most important investments you can make in improving your businesss operations and your career.

The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit: Exploring a Multi-Trillion Dollar Global Market

With an annual growth rate of 16 percent, global outsourcing spending will increase from US$3.78 trillion dollars in 2001 to US$5.1 trillion by the end of 2003. Although more than half of all outsourcing spending continues to be in manufacturing, the fastest growing areas are on the process side of the business; in such activities as human resources, administrative services and finance and accounting. And, although most outsourcing spending today is in larger companies, its growth rate in smaller and mid-size firms is accelerating, as well.

As outsourcing has moved out of the factory and into the office and across companies of all sizes, it has also evolved into a business tool of unique power and versatility. Very few decisions that an executive can make so immediately impact every aspect of a businesss operations the way outsourcing does.

Timely Themes at The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit

It is against this backdrop, that The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit is presented offering an exceptional learning opportunity for customer executives, providers, consultants, analysts and all others whose work is increasingly shaped by outsourcing. The Summit presents the fields top thinkers and practitioners, with special focus on these issues of increasingly critical importance:

Customers look to outsourcing service providers for their ability to deliver results. Providers are expected to be black belts in their chosen areas of specialization. But, how do providers create, maintain and demonstrate operational excellence that constantly re-justifies the outsourcing decision? How do they do this across hundreds maybe thousands of client engagements? Just as importantly, how do customers achieve excellence across the blended internal and external operations that now make up their enterprise?

Todays demanding business climate requires nothing less than excellence, yet the needed discipline of execution is poorly understood and even less fully practiced. The Summit will take this issue head on and offer concrete steps for addressing it.


Commercialization means using outsourcing to address the financial structure of the business: its investments, how they are deployed and how they are leveraged, especially critical to businesses today. From asset transfers, to joint marketing agreements, to entirely new business ventures, outsourcing offers enormous potential for unlocking the hidden value of previously cost-focused internal operations.

Multiple sessions at this years Summit will explore the range of options available - from the sale of existing assets to the creation of new businesses through joint ventures.

Global Sourcing

Outsourcing is a global marketplace. In fact, many believe that companies not leveraging this emerging global talent pool will soon find themselves at a severe competitive disadvantage. But what does it really take to capture the anticipated benefits? Who are the top providers and where are they? Do they offer more than just cheap labor? How are successful relationships - halfway around the world - set up and managed? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered and the Summit will do just that.

The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit puts executives on the leading edge in understanding how to use outsourcing to improve the performance of their businesses. The learning and networking opportunities afforded delegates are exceptional. And it all takes place in a highly charged, interactive and thought-provoking environment unmatched by any other event or venue.

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executives concerned about the future of their businesses

  • Chief Financial Officers charged with business performance improvement

  • Chief Information Officers currently outsourcing or considering it

  • Line-of-Business Executives looking to improve their units performance

  • Project Team Members charged with evaluating and recommending critical

    outsourcing decisions

  • Managers responsible for overseeing service providers

  • Business Leaders looking for new partners to help them expand locally or globally

  • Heads of Shared Services responsible for internal outsourcing

  • Government leaders seeking to improve their departments operations

  • Entrepreneurs in search of strategies for rapid growth with minimal internal


  • Business analysts and consultants seeking the best solutions for their clients

  • Service providers seeking a better understanding of their customers and new


  • Investment Portfolio Managers considering new and expanded investments in

    the outsourcing industry

What You Will Learn

  • How to use outsourcing to meet todays business challenges

  • How to make the right sourcing decision - the first time

  • How to achieve operational excellence within and across outsourcing relationships

  • How to communicate outsourcing to your employees, customers and the public

  • How to build new revenue streams through outsourcing

  • How to use outsourcing to reduce corporate risk

  • How to successfully outsource offshore

  • How to craft value-creating outsourcing contracts

  • How to recover a troubled outsourcing relationship

  • How to enhance your career as an outsourcing professional

The 2003 Outsourcing World Summit is also a superb networking opportunity. Its Exhibition Hall presents the fields leading providers. Its many social events provide an excellent opportunity for beginning and building the professional relationships so important to business success.

"Excellent conference - one of the best Ive ever attended!" Register early, last year's event was a complete sell-out!

Program Structure At-a-Glance

Sunday and Monday, February 23-24, 2003

Pre-Conference Workshops for Customers and Providers

Monday, February 24, 2003

12:00 PM- Registration Opens

1:00 PM - Main Session - Keynotes

3:00 PM - Educational Track Sessions - Two Rounds

5:30 PM - Cocktail Reception - Exhibition Hall

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

7:30 AM- Continental Breakfast in Exhibition Hall

8:30 AM - Main Session - Keynotes

12:30 PM - Networking Luncheon

2:00 PM - Educational Track Sessions - Three Rounds

5:30 PM - Cocktail Reception - Exhibition Hall

Wednesday, February 26, 2003

7:30 AM - Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM - Main Sessions - Keynotes

10:20 AM - Educational Track Sessions - One Round

11:20 AM - Main Session - Keynotes

12:30 PM - Topical Tables Luncheon

1:30 PM - Educational Track Sessions - One Round

2:30 PM - Conference Close

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