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We have a working Xen driver for one of our 10GbE network adapters (Xen is an open source hypervisor, the code is essentially Linux based).

One of the new features being developed in Xen is support for multiple queues in networking adapter hardware, so called Netchannel2 framework.

The relatively small but fun project is, in a nutshell, to add support for Netchannel-2 to the current 10GbE driver.

I have attached two docs. The first is a specification for the API between the device driver and the virtualization layer (Xen or KVM) to support multi-queue. The second is a patch to Linux to extend the net_device interface to support the multi-queue API. This should be sufficient to add netchannel2 support to drivers.

Other resources we can provide for the project (assuming there is an interested and qualified person or two) include driver source code and programming manual, as well as Xen mailing lists. We can also provide some help from our developers, and from community developers that work on generic Xen part of Netchannel2. The main goal of the mini-project, as we discussed, to evaluate the people.

  : 19.03.2008  

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