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05 2007

4th International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT) 2007

ICNT 2007 Program Book Cover 4th International Congress of Nanotechnology (ICNT) 2007
November 7-8, 2007, San Francisco

ICNT 2007
Conference Topics:

  • Nanomaterials
  • Nanodevices
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Nanobiotechnology
  • Nanomedicine
  • Nano Drug Delivery Systems
  • Nanotechnology in Semiconductor Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Aerospace
  • Nanotechnology in Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Nanotechnology in Textile industry
  • Nanotechnology in Energy Industry
  • Nomenclature Terminology
  • International Standards
  • Nano Tools
  • Molecular Engineering
  • Nano Manufacturing
  • Nanoparticles Toxicology
  • Societal & Environmental Impacts
  • Heath Safety Implications
  • Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer
  • Education & Workforce Training
  • Nanotech Initiatives in State, Federal, Regions and International Arena
  • Capital Funding and Grants for Start-up Ventures
  • and other related topics


We are pleased to announce that Prof. Roger Kornberg, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 2006 and Prof. Harry Kroto, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry in 1996 will deliver a keynote lecture at the 4th International Congress of Nanotechnology 2007 in San Francisco


A partial list of distinguished speakers from around the world is given below.

ICNT2007 Brochure
Click here to down load a 4 page brochure

Speaking Opportunity
If you are interested in a speaking opportunity at an upcoming ICNT and Cleantech Congress 2007, please send us a copy of your abstract and a brief summary of your qualification and work experience. Please complete the Speaker Profile Form.

Abstract Submission:
For further information, please visit Abstract Submission
To submit an abstract, please use the Abstract Online Form

Guidelines for Poster Presentation at the ICNT 2007 and Clean Tech Congress 2007
Poster session is an important session at the International Congress of Nanotechnology. It is a great opportunity for authors to present papers at the Cleantech Congress, while meeting with interested attendees for in-depth technical discussion. Please refer to the Guidelines for Poster Presentation at the Cleantech Congress.

Guidelines for Manuscript to the Proceeding to the ICNT 2007 and Cleantech Congress 2007
Please refer to the Guidelines before submitting a manuscript to the Proceeding of the Cleantech Congress 2007.


Official Invitation Letter
To request an official invitation letter for your Visa application purpose, please complete the online form:

Hotel Reservation:

Program At-a-Glance
Monday November 5, 2007
8:00 AM-2:00 PM Workshop Registration
10:00 AM-5:00 PM Exhibitor Registration
11:00 AM-5:00 PM General Conference Registration
9:00 AM-5:00PM * Workshop 1:Introduction to Nanotechnology
* Workshop 2:Carbon Nanotubes: Research, Manufacturing and Commercialization
* Workshop 3: Nanobiotechnology & Nanomedicine: an introduction
* Workshop 4: Thin Film Photovoltaic: Principle and Application in Solar Energy
* Workshop 5: Biofuel cells
* Workshop 6: Intellectual Property & Technology Transfer
12:00 PM-1:00 PM Lunch on your own

Tuesday November 6, 2007

7:30 AM-4:00 PM


7:30 AM-8:30 AM


8:30 AM-12:00 PM

General Sessions

Welcoming Remarks from the Program Chair


Invited Lectures

12:15 PM-1:30 PM

Lunch in Reception Area

Poster Presentation

1:30 PM-5:00 PM

Breakout Sessions

Track A: Nanomaterials

Track B: Nanoelectronics
Track C: Nanomedicine
Track D: Environmental Health & Safety
Track E: Professional Development Training
Business Re-Engineering

Track F: "Train the Trainer"

5:15 PM-6:30 PM


Wednesday November 7, 2007

7:30 AM-4:00 PM


7:30 AM-8:30 AM


8:30 AM-12:00 PM

General Sessions


Invited Lectures

12:15 PM-1:30 PM

Lunch in Reception Area

1:30 PM-5:15 PM

Breakout Sessions

Track A: Nanomaterials

Track B: Carbon Nanotubes
Track C: Nanomedicine
Track D: Nanotech & Cleantech Investment Forum
Track E: Professional Development Training
Business Re-Engineering

Track F: "Train the Trainer"

5:15 PM-6:00 PM Congress Discussion

Thursday November November 8, 2007

7:30 AM-4:00 PM


7:30 AM-8:30 AM


8:30 AM-12:00 PM

General Sessions


Invited Lectures

12:15 PM-1:30 PM

Lunch in Reception Area

1:30 PM-5:15 PM

Breakout Sessions

Track A: Nanomaterials

Track B: Nanotech & Cleantech Investment Forum
Track C: Thin Film Technology for Solar Energy
Track D: Biofuels
Track E: Professional Development Training
Business Re-Engineering

Track F: Professional Development Training-"Train the Trainer":
Field Trip to Stanford University Nano Characterization Laboratory

Workshop on How to Use AFM and SEM for Nanoscale Characterization

5:15 PM-6:00 PM Congress Discussion

Key Note Speakers:

Harry Kroto (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 1996)
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
The Florida State University
Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Roger Kornberg (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2006)
Department of Structural Biology
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford, California, USA

Senator Leland Yee
Senator of the State of California

PARTIAL LIST OF SPEAKERS (Subject to changes and circumstances i.e. Visa approval for some overseas speakers)

Curt Richter
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Gaithersburg, MD 20899, USA
"Metrology to Enable Emerging Nanoelectronics"

Christine Arlt
German Aerospace Centre (DLR)
Braunschweig, GERMANY
"Ceramic Nanoparticles: The Key to Future Aerospace Materials"

Raj Bawa
Bawa Biotechnology Consulting,
Ashburn, Virginia, USA
"Nanotechnology, Patents and the US Patent Office"

Elena Bichoutskaia
Cambridge University
"Modelling Novel Nanomaterials: Controllable Properties and Applications"

John Boesel
Los Angeles, CA 91106 USA
"The Outlook for New Transportation Technologies to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Next 10 Years"

Paul Brazis
Motorola Printed Electronics Technology
Schaumburg, IL 60196, USA
"Printed electronics using nanoparticle dispersions"

Noor Butt
National Commission on Nano Science and Technology(NCNST)
Islamabad, PAKISTAN
"Nano Materials of Pd-Pd and Fe-Co alloys and the Mossbauer Studies"

Asis Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Govt. College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology
Kolkata, INDIA
"Evidence of Magnons in Small Nano Particles of Magnetite in a Glass-Ceramic"

S.K. Chakarvarti
National Institute of Technology
Kurukshetra, INDIA
"Endurance Investigation on Thermally Stressed Template Synthesized Nano-/micro Resonant Tunneling Diodes"

Andrei Dudnikov
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics
Novosibirsk, RUSSIA
"Infrared Lantanide-Activated Laser Luminometer"

Vaibhav Dubey
Dr. H.S. Gour University Sagar
Sagar, INDIA
"Nanovesicles mediated transcutaneous immunization"

Albert Figuerola
Lecce, ITALY
"Synthesis of Novel Size-Controlled Bimagnetic Hybrid Nanocrystals. Structural and Magnetic Characterization and Potential Use as MRI Contrast Agents"

Neville Freeman
Farfield Scientific Inc
Pittsburgh, PA 15090, USA
"The physical measurement of a wide range of nanosystems in real time"

Yuri Glughoy
Research and Development Department
California Institute of Nantechnology
San Jose, CA 95126 USA
"Magnetic nanoparticles for a magnetically targeted treatment of nail fungus"

Luiz Goulart
Universidade Federal de Uberlandia
Uberlandia, BRAZIL
"Detection of Mycobacterium Leprae DNA onto Graphite For Leprosy Diagnostics"

Masanori Horie
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Ikeda, JAPAN
"Biological effects induced by ultrafine TiO2 in cell culture system"

Muhammad Irfan Jalees
University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore-Pakistan
"An Insitu XRD Study of Zeolite Crystallization Kinetics"

V. K. Jindal
Panjab University
Chandigarh, INDIA
"Salient Features Related to Structure of Carbon Nanotubes Under Pressure"

David Jishiashvili
Georgian Technical University
Tbilisi, GEORGIA
"Synthesis of Germanium Nitride Nanowires and Spherical Particles"

Masaaki Kawai
Tohoku University
Miyagi, JAPAN
"Interstitial nano-particle tracking and analysis of movement in the human tumor xenograft in mice"

Kannan Krishnan
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195 USA
"Biomedical nanoscience: a spin through new possibilities"

Dae Su Kim
Chungbuk National University
"Effects of Amine Functionalization on the Curing and Physical Properties of Epoxy-MWNT Nanocomposites"

Darby Kozak
University of Queensland
Queensland, AUSTRALIA
"Profiling Protein Surface Interactions of Multicomponent Suspensions via Flow Cytometry"

Pradeep Kumar
Central Drug Research Institute
Lucknow, INDIA
"Nanotechnology: The Technology of the future"

Rajeeva Lahri & Keshav Prasad
Signet Solar Inc.
Palo Alto CA 94306 USA
"Mass Adoption of Solar Photovoltaics Lessons from the Semiconductor Industry"

Yun-Hi Lee
Korea University
Sungbuk-Ku, KOREA
" In situ lateral grown nanodevices"

Patrick Lin
The Nanoethics Group
Santa Barbara, California, USA
"Superman vs. Frankensteins Monster: The Debate on Human Enhancement Technologies"

Wentai Liu
University of California, Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz, CA 95064 USA
"Biomimetic Microelectronic Systems: Opportunities, Challenges, and Enabling Technology"

Luu Cam Loc
Institute of Chemical Technology
Ho Chi Minh City, VIETNAM
"The Influence of Size of NiO Cluster on Properties of Carried NiO Catalysts Over Different Supports for CO Methanation"

William Lu
The University of Hong Kong
"AFM Study on Human Intervertebral Disc Collagens - A Better Way to Evaluate the Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms with Degenerative Disc Disease"

Md. Abdulla-Al-Mamun
Kagoshima University
Kagoshima, JAPAN
"Preparation and Characterization of Colloidal Metal Nanoparticles and their Cytotoxic Effect on HeLa Cell"

Giuseppe Manai
Trinity College Dublin
"Growth and reactivity to oxygen of ultra-thin Ni films on Rh(III)."

Michael Meador
NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, OH 44135 USA
"Applications of Nanostructured materials in aerospace"

Arup Mukherjee
Calcutta University
Kolkata, INDIA
"Core Shell Type Testosterone Nanoparticle in Cross Linked Alginate for Sustained Delivery"

Michael J. Natan
Oxonica PLC
Mountain View, CA 9404 USA

Suprabha Nayar
National Metallurgical Laboratory
Jamshedpur, INDIA
"Protein mediated synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles and its simultaneous dispersion in an aqueous medium"

A. M. Patel
Shri Sarvajanik Pharmacy College
Gujarat, INDIA
"Intellectual Property and Nanomedicine Business"

KSK Rao Patnaik
Osmania University
Hyderabad, INDIA
"Survey of Social and Ethical Implications of Nanotechnology and Nanostructured materials"

Shakkthivel Piraman
Yonsei University
" Synthesis of LiCox1Srx2Mn2-x1-x2O4 cathodes by a low temperature solid-state routine for lithium ion battery"

Kevin Radican
CRANN, Trinity College Dublin
" Formation of MoO2 nanowires on the Mo(110) surface"

Priya Rajdev
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore, INDIA
"Trapping Single Molecule on Langmuir-Blodgett Films: Thermodynamic and spectroscopic characterization of Nickel-Histagged protein interaction"

Ganesh Rajagopalan
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants
Irvine, CA 92614 USA
" Removal of Nanomaterials in Wastewater"

Yuu Sakurai
Tohoku University
Sendai, JAPAN
"Nanosized Silver Iodide Beads as X-Ray Contrast Media and its In-vivo Distribution"

Subir Sarkar
Jadavpur University
Kolkata, INDIA
"Genetic approach for efficient high speed nanodevices"

Michael Schen
NIST Technology Innovation Program
Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA
"Funding High Technical Risk R&D, Developing successful R&D and business plans, with emphasis on emerging high risk research"

Mojtaba Shariaty-Niassar
University of Tehran
Tehran, IRAN
"The Application of Materials and their fabrication Processes"

Sanjiv Sharma
Imperial College
" The Impact of Micro- and Nanotechnologies on Healthcare"

Mohammad H Sheikhi
Nanotechnology Research Institute
Shiraz, IRAN
"A Special Nano-sensor for HIV-1"

Petia Simeonova
Morgantown, West Virginia, USA
"Carbon nanotubes - toxicity evaluation"

Sunil Singroha
Gogte Institute of Technology
Belgaum, INDIA
"Nano-relative computing"

Kathleen Sirois
University of Newcastle
New South Wales, AUSTRALIA
"Glucose Biosensors Based on Hygroscopic Insulator Field-Effect Transistors"

Gurvinder Sodhi
Delhi University
Delhi, INDIA
" Detection of Fingerprints by Nano particle-based Compositions"

Igor Sokolov
Clarkson University
Potsdam, NY 13699 USA
"Molecules in Confined Silica Nanotubes: A Novel Path to Building NanoDevices"

Lihong Su
Northwestern Polytechnical University
Xi'an, CHINA
"The solubility of nanometer particles in high-purity water"

Thathan Premkumar
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST)
"Surfactants as a Versatile Tool for the Preparation of Gold Nanoparticles"

Francisco Torrens
Universitat de Valencia-ICMol
Valencia, SPAIN
" Asymptotic Analysis and Simulation of Coagulation-Fragmentation Equations"

Olivier Toussaint
University of Namur - FUNDP
"Nanotoxico: Risk assessment of nanoparticules on human health using in vitro and in vivo models"

Lloyd L. Tran
California Institute of Nanotechnology
San Jose, CA 95126 USA
" Nano Bio Clean Tech: Opportunities and Challenges in the the Global Economy"

Duana Welch
BlabberMouth PR
Austin, TX 78759 USA
"The Role of PR for Nanotechnology"

Ning Xi
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 USA
" Manufacturing and Testing of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) Based IR Detectors"

Hiroshi Yamamoto
Saitama, JAPAN
"Molecular Conductor Nanowires Sheathed by Supramolecular Networks"

Jaw-Yen Yang
National Taiwan University
Taipei, TAIWAN
"Simulation of Thermal Conductivity of Multi-dimensional Nanocomposites using Photo Boltzmann Equation"

Ray Yang
West Virginia University
Morgantown, WV 26506 USA
" Metal Nanoparticles from Plants"

Kijung Yong
"Fabrication of ZnO nanorod and hetero-nanostructure array using low temperature method"

Peiyu Zhang
University of Calgary
Calgary, CANADA
" Analysis of mechanical characterization on microneedles for fluid sampling and drug delivery"

Yong Zhang
National University of Singapore
"NIR-to-visible Upconversion Fluorescent Nanoparticles for Bioimaging"

Yun Zhao
Beijing Institute of Technology
Beijing, CHINA
"Hydrothermal Synthesis of Ni/Al layered double hydroxide nanorods"

Plus additional number of speakers to be announced soon.

More details of the program will be announced shortly. Please contact Event Coordinator at 408-277-3071 or email to

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