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08 2004

8-10 November 2004: e-Nordic Business & Technology Integration Summit 2004

According to the IDC/World Times Information Society Index, the Nordic countries constitute the most advanced IT region in the world. The Nordic region is leading the way in IT investment and is always on the look for what is needed in order to stay ahead.

Following the success of the e-Nordic Business & Technology Integration Summit 2003, this year's event will offer an invaluable insight into real life experiences of leading companies. It is indisputable that technology can help achieve previously unimaginable automation and market penetration. IT can fast track companies to greater efficiency and a more competitive product for their customers. However the challenge is to align the company's enterprise architecture with its day-to-day business objectives. A truly integrated IT architecture is the key to profitability.

The e-Nordic Business & Technology Integration Summit 2004 will bring together senior-level IT and Business Strategy executives with a select and diversified group of leading edge solution providers. Streamlined conference sessions will offer a variety of visionary keynote presentation and case studies delivered by some of the most prominent thinkers and practitioners in the Nordic region and beyond. At this exclusive gathering one-to-one business meetings will be seamlessly integrated with informal networking and leisure activities. Do not miss this opportunity to network with your peers and form new alliances. Get a head start on your competition and start building relationships today.

The speaker programme for the e-Nordic Business & Technology Integration Summit 2004 is determined by continuous research with our delegates and leading industry professionals. The summit programme is designed to enable delegates to identify strategies and technologies, to discover how IT can be employed effectively by leading organisations. Key issues for 2004 include:

Business and Technology Integration Solutions

  • Enterprise Application Integration - With proper integration a companys IT platform can make the company quick to market, flexible and cost effective. Learn how to successfully integrate your systems - how to avoid pitfalls and how to manage each system and integration process within the organisation.
  • Web Services - Deployment of web services are happening today, but is the technology mature enough for massive rollout? What about security, stability and interoperability? Discover where web services should be placed within the IT strategy.

Mobility/Wireless Enterprise

Enterprises are increasingly looking at how mobile applications can be integrated into the current corporate IT platforms and support the organisation moving forward. Find out how the new infrastructure can be adapted to do business anywhere, anytime.

IT Security

The on-demand computing model and the general business climate put pressure on how IT security is handled in the organisation. Hear from the companies that implemented IT security and kept costs under control.


Outsourcing has gained some acceptance in the USA and UK, and it continues to spread also to the Nordic countries. Especially, a few leading companies are strongly promoting outsourcing services in the Nordic region. Find the answers to the key questions - when it is a good idea and when it is better to keep the job in-house?

Business Value of IT

The IT management faces new challenges in handling IT investments. Not only purchase costs, but business value - calculated return of investment and a total cost of ownership - is required to make investment decisions. The summit offers you an overview on how to assess the business value of IT and explain various methods used.

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