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Company: Lintecproject
Web Site:
Company description: LintecProject JV Belarusian-Germany Joint Venture Ltd., placed in Minsk (Belarus). This is the main development office. There is a branch in Grodno (Belarus)- Grodno Applied Software Development Department. Also is a company of marketing support in Taucha (Germany), named Lintec Solution GmbH. Since 1995 (since 1992 for the predecessor company) our primary business is applied software development for the corporate customers. From the very beginning, our target was to use unified and definite software development methodology. Thats why long since we use in software analysis and design CASE tools and methodology which was not very popular in early 90 th , but now became de-facto standard and widely used in software development. Because of it, development team consisting of more than 30 high-qualified programmers was formed. Our analysts, designers and developers having longstanding experience of software development, on the one hand, are able to leap forward jBear product family and, on the other hand, did not lost knowledge about end customer needs. The concept of jBear as software development tool was derived from the experience of applied software projects. Predecessors of jBear tools were first used in 2000-2001 in big software project implementation. Implementation of this project allowed us to collect exclusively valuable knowledge about features of jBear to conform end-customer requirements and Java technologies used in the product development. Based on development and use of product experience, jBear technology was permanently improved and first official release was done in the beginning of 2001. Use of jBear in no circumstances does not mean rejection of already existing software development tools and does not lead to learn again completely new and proprietary technology. The product combines together hottest and best implementation paradigms, such as, Java, internet/intranet technologies, object oriented and component methodologies, relational database management systems and widely used standard interfaces. jBear use them to allow interactive modeling of applied business knowledge and direct execution of these models as resulting software product. Additional information as well about our product jBear Solution Suite you can receive on the site
Phones: +375 17 265-28-72 +375 15 272 39 10
Fax: +375 17 265 28 72
Contact E-mail:
Contact persons: Alexander Borsuk, Director of Applied Sofware Development Department. Pavel Shagoiko, CEO of Lintecproject.
Certificates: Software Production Certificate from Camber of Commerce of Belarus
Awards: Not for a while
Working languages: English 
Skills: Java, UML, C++, SQL, Web development

Field of competence: banking (immobilie riziko management), management of production plants
Field of competence description:
Number of staff employed in the department:
Certificates of employees:
Working expirence: Company has vast experience in long projects, references from big clients.
Operating Systems: Windows
Programming Languages: C/C++

Field of competence: web design and development
Field of competence description:
Number of staff employed in the department: 8
Certificates of employees:
Working expirence: Company has experience in the field and some references from clients.


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